Trevor Sharot Photograph - Copyright

Trevor Sharot is Red Research’s founder and Managing Director. Trevor is an international authority and author on survey and sampling methodology, panels, media measurement, analysis and modelling.

His strengths include excellent communication skills especially in presenting technical issues to non-technical audiences, including much experience in training, conference presentations and client-facing roles.




Trevor’s career achievements include:

  • Directorships at AGB, Nielsen and TNS
  • Terms as Vice-President of the Royal Statistical Society and the Singapore Institute of Statistics
  • Designing and managing television audience measurement panels in the world’s four most populous countries (China, India, USA, Indonesia) as well as many others
  • Convening MRS residential training courses and helping to found the MRS Diploma Scheme
  • Developing innovative methodologies in such diverse areas as sampling, data capture methodology, panel management, data fusion and modelling.