Trevor Sharot: Market Research Statisticial Modelling CV

A senior research specialist and survey statistician specialising in media research.

International authority and author on media research methodology and analytics, statistical modelling and survey and sampling methodology.

Extensive experience in client-facing roles with particular focus on presenting technical issues to non-technical audiences and delivering research designs that best meet clients’ needs and expectations within budget and timetable.

Career History

Managing Director, Red Research (own company Feb 08 – present

  • International research consultancy with offices in London and Singapore.

Services include:

  • TAM service development and auditing; survey and sample design; advanced and custom data analysis and software.

Client sectors include:

  • Market and media research organisations (including two of the top five); advertiser associations; energy sector.

Director of Measurement Science, AGB Nielsen Media Research Nov 04 – Jan 08

  • Based in Singapore. Joint venture between AGB and Nielsen focussing on television audience measurement (TAM).
  • Responsible for panel management, methodology and quality assurance for seven Asian countries.
  • Particular emphasis on China, designing and helping establish a national TAM service.
  • Provided global R&D support, particularly on set-top box data.

Global Chief of Measurement Science, SRG then AC Nielsen Sep 93-Oct 04

  • Based in Singapore. Technical support for all research divisions: media, consumer, retail and B2B research services.
  • Responsible for methodology, quality assurance and advanced analytics globally with emphasis on India and Asia-Pacific.
  • Pioneered and published several new research techniques in areas such as advertising reach and frequency models, weighting, data fusion, survey harmonisation and sampling methods.
  • Designed and helped to win and establish several new TAM contracts, including the first national service in India, with continuing revenue circa £5M p.a.
  • Global R&D support e.g. redeveloping Nielsen’s UK consumer panel (Homescan).

Technical Director, TV division, TNS Feb 89-Aug 93

  • Based in London, head of Statistics Department.
  • Primary contact for BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board) on technical support.
  • Headed major project on measuring audience appreciation.

Technical Director, AGB, London Sep 75-May 86

  • Joined as Senior Statistician, promoted to Associate Director then Director.
  • Headed statistic groups for AGB’s FMCG and consumer appliance divisions in turn.
  • Redeveloped the methodology of several services (TCPI, PPI, TCA, Home Audit).
  • Headed several TAM projects such as R&F guide and ratings prediction.
  • Directed the manager of the Special Analysis department.
  • Provided support to other divisions such as omnibus survey, prices audit, ad hoc.

Aberdeen University, Scotland Sep 71-Aug 75

  • Lecturer in Economics and Statistics.


  • Vice-President of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Vice-President of the Singapore Institute of Statistics
  • Full member of the UK Market Research Society
  • Member of Mensa


✓ Designed, helped pitch for and implemented national TAM services in the world’s four most

populous countries (China, India, USA and Indonesia) plus many others.

✓ Wide experience of other media research i.e. print, radio, outdoor, internet.

✓ Econometric/statistical and media mix modelling e.g. developed new reach and frequency models (UK television 1979, UK ‘NBD’ model 1984, UK posters 1985, Hong Kong MTR 2002, Singapore bus-shelters 2004); TV ratings forecasting model (UK 1978); TV ‘weather’ models.

✓ Advanced Analytics: MVA, conjoint, segmentation, data mining, neural networks, data

fusion, simulation etc.

✓ High level computing skills including programming in .NET, web design, Google Analytics etc.

✓ Excellent presentation and training skills: trained and practiced as lecturer; developed, convened and managed many staff training seminars; client pitches; conference papers at e.g. ARF, ESOMAR, asi/ETS, RSS, WAM.

✓ Trained and experienced in departmental, project and budget management.


  • M.Sc. Economics, Econometrics and Operations Research, University of Southampton
  • B.Sc. Mathematical Physics, University of Sussex

Selected Publications

  • The design and precision of data fusion studies, International Journal of Market Research, 2007. (Highly Commended for the 2008 MRS David Winton Award for innovation in research methodology.)
  • Sampling in Asia, Marketing and Opinion Research Handbook, ESOMAR, 1998.
  • Measuring Television Audiences in the UK, Measuring Media Audiences (book), Routledge, 1994.
  • Cover Analysis – A New Tool for Monitoring Peoplemeter Panels, Journal of the Market Research Society, 1991.
  • Attrition and Rotation In Panel Surveys, The Statistician, 1991.
  • Weighting Survey Results, Journal of the Market Research Society, 1986.
  • Modelling the Audience to Posters, The Statistician, 1986.
  • A New AGB Guide for Television Coverage and Frequency, Admap, October 1979.
  • A Statistical Analysis of Association Football Attendances, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C (Applied Statistics) (1975), 24,1, pp.17-27.